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The Raincode Repository In Action

Posted by admin raincode on Jan 20, 2016 10:00:38 AM


How many CICS GETMAIN statements are there?
Which are the programs that access this SQL table in READ mode?
Which programs can be called when executing this transaction or this batch job?
How many procedures are there?
 How many lines of code are there in these procedures?




In addition to the generation of object modules, the Raincode compilers include the ability to populate a repository database while compiling, so that all these questions can be answered readily by querying this database. After all, the compilers perform the most thorough analysis possible; it is merely a matter of storing the resulting information in a database for later use, using standard SQL tools or custom built reporting tools.


Once populated, the repository contains data about all the compiled programs, including exhaustive list of CICS statements; SQL queries; SQL tables and mode (either READ, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE); program and procedure calls; INPUT and OUTPUT files…


See it in action!


More information about the Legacy Compilers of Raincode, COBOL and PL/I: Raincode Compilers


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