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The Illusion of the Vanilla Legacy Modernization

Posted by admin raincode on Sep 29, 2015 10:30:52 AM


Today, as large companies start to think to leave the mainframe, something occurs quite repeatedly: the illusion of a Vanilla Legacy modernization, or to put it in other terms: the piece-of-cake modernization. “Let’s just find a COBOL compiler and let’s roll on a modern platform”. As you already guessed, that’s not going to happen.


A piece of cake migration


Between the 70s and the 90s, almost every mainframe application written in COBOL relied on a database, DB2, and on CICS, for the transactional screens and messaging. That was the usual package, sold by IBM. Therefore, their COBOL code comes, more often than not, with a lot of extensions.


If you’re considering a COBOL migration, you should then see it as a comprehensive set to migrate. COBOL won’t be your only problem. Your database and your transactional server must be in the picture.


Good news, the Raincode Stack offers a thorough solution to this issue. And if a mere COBOL compiler won’t be able to ease your migration, Raincode’s will. It includes a PL/I and a free COBOL compiler, a sorting tool and a CICS emulator. Moreover, transforms DB2 SQL statements into equivalent SQL Server statements, at compile time.


With that toolset, you can now speak of Vanilla Legacy Modernization, at last.


Download here the golden ticket for your Vanilla Legacy Modernization



Topics: .NET, Migration, Databases, SQLServer, CICS

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