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The Raincode Checker Meets the Visual Studio Plugin...

Posted by admin raincode on Nov 19, 2015 2:26:08 PM

... And it gives the best marriage ever!

Did you know 80% of the lifetime cost of a piece of software goes to maintenance? Did you know that hardly any software is maintained for its whole life by the original author? Did you know that having code conventions allows engineers to understand new code more quickly and thoroughly? 


Of course you did! But did you know that Raincode can ease the pain?


For the best and only the best, Raincode includes the awesome features of the Checker to the Visual Studio plugin to ease the use of the free Raincode COBOL compiler. And as the COBOL compiler, this new feature is totally free! Of course, this plugin is also available in the PL/I compiler.


A free solution to increase your code’s quality, within the comfort of the Visual Studio environment. The plugin now performs static analysis to help enforce the coding standards you define. 


Discover the Raincode Checker, its extended features in the Raincode Visual Studio plugin in this video. 







Want to know more about the Raincode COBOL compiler? RAINCODE COBOL FOREVER FREE

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