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Because The Mainframe Was A Tough Cookie

Posted by Cécile Mouly on Jan 11, 2017 5:07:22 PM


The Raincode team decided to offer its partners and customers an unbreakable cookie, called Couque de Dinant (or Cake of Dinant), which represents the unbreakable Mainframe.


And we've, as a symbol, broke this cookie to underline the idea that Mainframe is no longer a tough and unbreakable cookie!

Step 1: Getting the cookies out of their boxes




Step 2: Piling up the cookies








 Step 3: Here comes the hammer




Step 4: Covering the cookie




 Step 5: The hammer and the Mainframe cookie meet!




 ... and we had a special card to go with the cookie:photo_cartetransp.png


Topics: .NET, mainframe

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