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Raincode Sets Industry Standard in Mainframe Migration with New Version of Cobol Compiler for .NET

Because The Mainframe Was A Tough Cookie

Demonstration of an Industrial Assembler Application

The People Behind #8: Sudipta Mukherjee

Get to Learn More on Raincode ASM370 Compiler: Our Demo on Nov. 1st at SLE Conference in Amsterdam

Raincode Sponsors Awards at SLE 2016!

The People Behind #7: Benoit Ragoen

Microsoft Grants Raincode as Top Performer for Mainframe Migration

Raincode Updated Its Checker

Presenting the Raincode Stack in Frankfurt

The People Behind #6: Lars Mikaelsson, From Partner to Sales Rep.

Get the first Sneak Preview Ever of the Raincode ASM370 Compiler

Mainframe-Migration am 4. März in Frankfurt

Technical Debt: Are Organizations Tied Up With Their Mainframes?

IT-Haus Mergilent Hat Mit Raincode von Cobol auf .Net Umgestellt

Mergilent Successfully Rehosted Applications on .NET Platform with the Raincode COBOL Compiler

The Raincode Repository In Action

Dépendance des Entreprises aux Mainframes: Une Dette Technique ?

The People Behind #5: Yves Jaradin, From College to Raincode

COBOL Rehosting: mBank Chooses Raincode

The Raincode Checker Meets the Visual Studio Plugin...

Meet the Raincode QIX, the CICS Emulator for Windows

Legacy Compilers: More Than a Marketing Stunt!

Why is .NET the Target Platform of Choice for Rehosting Projects?

8 Good Reasons to Keep your Mainframe

The People Behind #4: A Whole  Career on Legacy Languages and Compilers

The Raincode Sort, the DFSORT compatible sort utility

A Quick Look at the Raincode Visual Studio Plugin

How Much Does a Mainframe Cost?

New Raincode Plugin for Visual Studio 2015

Why Is It So Difficult to Migrate Legacy Programs?

In Action: The Raincode Stress Tester

The Illusion of the Vanilla Legacy Modernization

The SQL Server Migration Assistant by Microsoft

Rehost a CICS system without using a CICS emulator

Porting a DB2 Stored Procedure to SQL Server

How To Integrate Your COBOL With C#

The People Behind #3: Bonnie Castello

The People Behind #2: Nils Fagerburg, A Software Engineer Moving On

The People Behind #1: Dirk Amadori- Liaison Officer

Raincode is an unconventional company and we are proud of it!

Focusing on innovation and excellence, Raincode designs and produces rehosting solutions for legacy systems to .NET and Azure platform. Raincode was granted by Microsoft 

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